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AV-AVS Vacuum Sealer
Was: $2,100.00
Now: $1,895.00
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Heat Shrink Wrap Film

* Polyolefin Shrink Wrap

* PVC Shrink Wrap

* Etc.

Shop shrink bags, centerfold rolls, tubing, polyethylene rolls, and more!

Shrink Wrap Machines

* Shrink Wrap Systems

* I Bars Sealers

* Etc.

Shop shrink tunnels, sealers, and all-in-one combo units! For beginners or high output operations!


Shrink Film Specials

* PVC Shrink Specials

* Polyolefin Shrink Specials

* Etc.

Popular shrink wrap products on sale! Includeing shrink bags and centerfold shrink rolls!

Stretch Film Rolls

* Machine Stretch Film

* Colored Stretch Film

* Etc.

Hand and machine stretch film rolls! Shop clear, colored, and specialty stretch film products!

Stretch Film Dispensers

* Two Handed Dispensers

* Bundling Film Dispensers

* Etc.

Specialty hand dispensers for hand stretch film, vented film, bundling film, and pre stretch film!

Discount Stretch Wrap

* Hand Wrap Specials

* Machine Wrap Specials

* Etc.

Find stretch wrap specials on medium sized orders, up to full pallet orders for popular products!

Stretch Wrap Machines

* Stock Stretch Wrap Machines

* Stretch Machines with Scale

* Etc.

Find stock stretch wrap machines available to ship within 48 hours! Shop custom machines with a scale, extended base, or extended mast!

Food Packaging

* Aluminum Foil

* Plastic Wrap

* Etc.

Purchase a variety of food packaging supplies for commercial kitchens! All products in stock and able to ship within 24 hours of a completed order!

Vacuum Packaging

* Vacuum Sealers

* Vacuum Bags

* Etc.

Commercial grade vacuum sealers with or without gas purge! Find vacuum bags and sealers in one place!

Printers Film

* Printers Shrink Film

* Printers Cling Film

* Etc.

Perforated cling or shrink sheets used by commercial printing companies! Cling sheets popularly used with Balayage hair technique!

Plastic Strapping

* Polypropylene Strapping

* Polyester Strapping

* Etc.

Find strapping kits, machines, and materials for a variety of product sizes and shapes! Discounts available on orders of 5 or more coils!

Packing Tape

* Hand Packing Tape

* Machine Packing Tape

* Etc.

Hand and machine packing tape available in multiple widths and lengths! Find clear and tan tape by the case!

Laundry Film - Garment Bags

* Laundry Wrap

* Garment Bags

* Etc.

Laundry film and garment bags for commercial laundromats! Find laundry film in widths up to 36 inches wide!

Anti Static Packaging

* Anti Static Bags

* Static Shielding Bags

* Etc.

Find a variety of static shielding products to protect electronics and flammable products! Shop tubing, bags, and more!



* Clear Polyethylene Sheeting

* Black Polyethylene Sheeting

* Etc.

Poly sheeting rolls available in clear and black up to 20 ft. wide! Available thicknesses up to 6 mil!

Poly Bags

* Poly Tubing

* Poly Bags

* Etc.

Heat sealable poly bags and tubing for a variety of retail products. All bags and tubing are FDA approved for direct food contact!

Plastic Pallet Covers

* Clear Pallet Covers

* Black Pallet Covers

* Etc.

Pallet covers to protect products from dust, moisture, and other external products! Free shipping on pallet cover orders over $800!

Trash Bags

* Clear Trash Bags

* Black Trash Bags

* Etc.

Shop a variety of trash bag sizes and thicknesses available from regular duty bags to heavy duty construction bags!

Kraft Paper

* Kraft Paper Rolls

* Poly Coated Kraft Paper

* Etc.

Find a variety of Kraft paper rolls and sheets available online! Shop different paper weights and widths!

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