2 Rolls - 14" Centerfold Polyolefin Shrink Film (100 Gauge)

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Now: $180.00
SKU: DU-POF-1000-14

Order Includes:


* 2 Rolls of Polyolefin Centerfold Shrink Film


* Both Rolls are 14"x2625' 100 Ga. Centerfold Polyolefin Heat Shrink Wrap


* Click Here For Single Roll Orders


POF shrink film is an all purpose shrink film ideal for high speed machine applications as well as manual and semi-automatic machines. All of our centerfold polyolefin shrink wrap is optimal for wrapping toys, games, packaged foods, electronics, etc. Polyolefin shrink wrap features include:


Superior Gloss                               Protection Against Tampering

Low Haze                                       Packaging for Various Products

Remarkable Clarity                        FDA Approved


POF shrink film offers many advantages over other types of shrink films. Visit our shrink wrapreference library to learn more about what types and sizes of shrink wrap to use for your specific application.

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