2 Rolls - 16" x500' Centerfold PVC Shrink Film

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Now: $65.00
SKU: DU-PVC-355-16

Order Includes:


* 2 Rolls of PVC Centerfold Shrink Film


* Both Rolls are 16"x500' 75 Gauge Centerfold PVC Heat Shrink Wrap


* Click Here For Single Roll Orders


Centerfold PVC shrink wrap rolls are designed for a variety of uses and applications. PVC shrink wrap offers excellent tear resistance, supreme clarity, and great strength.

This shrink wrap is designed to be used for a variety of applications such as: Boxed Packages, CD's, DVD's, and any other non food products. Visit our shrink wrap reference library to learn more about PVC shrink wrap and identify which sizes will work best for your specific application. Due to the chloride found in the PVC material, it is recommended that users have proper ventilation when sealing.

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