20 Cases - 18" Eco 80 Hand Stretch Film

Was: $1,148.00
Now: $970.00

Order Includes:


* 20 Cases of Hand Eco 80 Stretch Film


* Each Case Contains 4 Rolls of 18"x1500' Eco 80 Stretch Film


* Recommended For medium to heavy loads up to 2400 lbs.


* Click Here For Single Case Orders


Eco-Wrap micron hand stretch film offers the benefits of durable stretch film at an affordable price. Along with affordability, Eco-Wrap micron hand stretch film allows users to downgrade in film thickness and still maintain superior load tension.


Eco-Wrap micron stretch film is made from a metallocene technology using linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). This formula helps to produce a stiffer, stronger stretch film that results in less waste and cost savings for stretch film users.


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