5 Cases - 12" x 16" PVC Shrink Bags

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Now: $125.00
SKU: DU-PVC-360-1216A

Order Includes:


* 5 Cases of 12"x16" PVC Shrink Bags


* 1,250 PVC Shrink Bags


* Click Here For Single Case Orders


PVC shrink bags are used across multiple industries for for protecting and bundling products for retail sales. Excellent for wrapping books, games, DVDs, and a variety of other products.


PVC shrink bags offer excellent clarity, low shrink temperature, and an affordable packaging option for multiple products. 


Visit our shrink wrap reference library to learn more about PVC shrink wrap and identify which sizes will work best for your specific application. Due to the chloride found in the PVC material, it is recommended that users have proper ventilation when sealing.


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