Hand Impulse Sealers (Flat Wire)

$61.00 - $359.00
Ships Within: 24 Hours

Flat wire impulse shrink wrap sealers are an economical solution for sealing products in low output productions. Flat wire impulse sealers are great for sealing poly bags and shrink wrap tubing.


The flat wire shrink wrap sealer does not offer the ability to cut and seal in one motion like the round wire impulse sealers do. They are however, more economical and durably built.

Product Details:
SKUProductMax Seal LengthSeal WidthWattsWeightPriceQty
AIE-100T4" Impulse Sealer4"2 mm2008 LBS ($61.00)
AIE-2008" Impulse Sealer8"2 mm30010 LBS ($88.00)
AIE-2058" Impulse Sealer8"5 mm30010 LBS ($143.00)
AIE-30012" Impulse Sealer12"2 mm50015 LBS ($139.00)
AIE-30512" Impulse Sealer12"5 mm50015 LBS ($182.00)
AIE-400P16" Impulse Sealer16"2 mm70020 LBS ($181.00)
AIE-40516" Impulse Sealer16"5 mm70020 LBS ($233.50)
AIE-50020" Impulse Sealer20"2 mm80024 LBS ($253.45)
AIE-50520" Impulse Sealer20"5 mm80024 LBS ($327.75)
AIE-600T224" Impulse Sealer 24"2 mm80030 LBS ($275.00)
AIE-800T232" Impulse Sealer 32"2 mm100035 LBS ($315.00)
AIE-1000T240" Impulse Sealer 40"2 mm120042 LBS ($359.00)

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