Wrapmaster Dispenser

$39.99 - $49.99
Ships Within: 24 Hours

Wrapmaster aluminum foil and film dispenser is an easy to use cutter box dispenser that makes cutting aluminum foil and film easy and safe. No more dealing with unsanitary boxes and blades.


The Wrapmaster Dispenser will only accept the wrapmaster aluminum foil and plastic wrap refills.


Wrapmaster dispensers fit 12" and 18" rolls, they are easy to replace and affordable to order. The one step push and cut design offers a quick and smooth cut for the busiest of kitchens. Visit our aluminum foil reference library for more information about all of our aluminum foil products. All other packaging products and supplies can be found from our homepage.


Product Details:
WP-179DWrapmaster Dispenser12"6 LBS ($39.99)
WP-180DWrapmaster Dispenser18"8 LBS ($49.99)

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