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Shrink Bags
Shrink Bags (Flat)

Great For Cd's & DVD's

$14.00 - $69.40
Polyolefin Shrink Bags
Polyolefin Shrink Bags

FDA Approved Food Safe

$20.00 - $42.70
Shrink Bags With Vent Hole
Shrink Wrap Bags (With Vent Hole)

Vent Holes Allow Air To Escape!

$15.25 - $38.50
Gift Basket Shrink Bags
Gift Basket Shrink Bags

Great for gift bags!

$25.00 - $135.05
Pallet Shrink Bags
Pallet Shrink Bags

Thick Bags For Shrinking Whole Pallets!

$145.95 - $219.45

Shrink wrap bags have three closed sides and one open side. There are a variety of shrink bags available depending on the intended application. Most shrink bags require the use of a shrink wrap sealer to seal and close the open end of the bag. Once the bag is closed, heat is applied to shrink and conform the bag to the product.

Shrink wrap bags are ideal for quickly securing and protecting products. Simply slip the product into the bag and use a heat sealer to seal the bag closed. Once the open end of the bag is sealed closed, use a heating element to shrink the film closely around the product being wrapped. Our PVC shrink bags provide an average shrink rate of up to 40%.

Cost advantage- Time cost for packaging your products quickly, and efficiently is hard to measure. In some instances, no sealer is necessary. Wrapping your products in shrink bags offers a protective barrier from exterior elements reducing the amount of damaged products.

Our flat PVC shrink  bags and polyolefin shrink bags vary in size, and come in units of 500 and 250 bags per case. Our domed shrink bags come in 100 or 250 bags per unit. Domed heat shrink bags are more expensive than flat shrink wrap bags, but they can fit odd shaped packages, seal with low heat, and come in larger sizes. Domed bags are optimal when your products are not standard dimensions. To know what size shrink bag you need, see the How to Measure for Shrink Wrap Bags blog post.

The average cost of our flat shrink bags range from, 3 cents per bags up to 13 cents per bag, depending on the bag size you choose. Our domed shrink wrap bags range in price from 14 cents per bag up to $1.35 per bag, depending on the size you choose.

Protection- Any product 35 pounds or less can be secured by the bag with a proper seal. Shrink wrap bags offer a film over your product aiding in tamper prevention, protecting against dust, pollen, and moisture. Domed PVC shrink bags can fit different sized objects like baskets or stuffed animals; heat shrink bags are also commonly used for CDs, DVDs, Books, bowls, glassware, tools, etc. The film conforms to the product, but when removed, does not leave a residue like tape, or strap lines like twine or other binding products.

PVC shrink bags should not come into direct contact with consumable products. They can be used as secondary packaging to bind and protect food products. As long as there is another packaging between the shrink film and the consumable products.

Shrinking & Sealing- Shrink wrap bags require proper heat from a heat shrink gun, domed heat shrink bags do well with low heat, only requiring 200F to 250F for proper shrinking. Be sure to have shrink bags larger than the items you are packaging, because of the maximum shrink rate offered. Due to the PVC in the film, we suggest heating and sealing in a properly ventilated area.

Popular Shrink Bag Sizes

How To Measure For Shrink Wrap Bags

 Circumference Measurement – For Cylindrical or Round Products

Example- If you had a product that had a width circumference of 14 inches and a length of 10 inches, the equation would be:  (C x 1.1 ÷2= Width of bag needed) For this example the equation would be 14×1.1÷2= 7.7.

  An additional inch or two inches should be added to the product length to allow room to make seals. You would need an 8×12 inch bag to wrap the product, up-sizing is an option if that size of bag is not available.

  Width x Depth Measurement – For Flat or Square products

Example- If you had a product that had a Width of 7 inches and a Depth of 5 inches and length of 18 inches, the equation would be: (W + D x 2 x 1.1÷2= Width of bag needed)  For this example the equation would be 7+5 x 2 x 1.1÷2=13.2.

  An additional inch or two inches should be added to the product length to allow room to make seals. You would need a 14x20 inch bag to wrap the product, up-sizing is an option if that size of bag is not available.

How To Use Shrink Wrap Bags

Shrink bags are easy and efficient to use. Users can easily obtain a professionally packaged look with the proper size of bags, a sealer, and a heating element. Users place the product being wrapped inside of the shrink bag, seal the open end of the bag, and apply heat.  View the videos below for a full tutorial of how to use flat shrink wrap bags and gift basket shrink bags.

We also carry a large assortment of pallet shrink bags and shrink bags with precut vent holes.