Kraft Paper Rolls 75 lb.

$24.95 - $81.50

Kraft paper rolls are ideal for a variety of packaging applications. Kraft paper rolls are commonly used as void fill, wrapping, interleaving, etc. Kraft paper is durable and comes in a variety of weights to be applied in many different applications.


These Kraft paper rolls are made from 100% recycled materials, biodegradable, recyclable, and non-abrasive. Be sure to check out our Kraft paper sheets for precut sheets that are ideal for wrapping and other applications.

Product Details:
BP-KP187518x475 Kraft Paper Roll18"475'1 Roll18 LBS ($24.95)
BP-KP247524x475 Kraft Paper Roll24"475'1 Roll24 LBS ($34.20)
BP-KP307530x475 Kraft Paper Roll30"475'1 Roll30 LBS ($41.75)
BP-KP367536x475 Kraft Paper Roll36"475'1 Roll36 LBS ($49.15)
BP-KP487548x475 Kraft Paper Roll48"475'1 Roll48 LBS ($65.40)
BP-KP607560x475 Kraft Paper Roll60"475'1 Roll60 LBS ($81.50)

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