Laundry Wrap

$90.88 - $164.59
Ships Within: 24 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Rolls

Laundry Wrap

These laundry wrap rolls are made from a premium PVC resin that encourages strong durable wrap at and affordable cost. A stronger laundry wrap means less waste and less cost than many other wraps currently available on the market. Benefits include:


High cling reduces slipping

Super clear wrap makes seeing inner contents easy

Helps keep out dirt, moisture, and other external elements


We offer two thicknesses of laundry wrap, both on 3” core rolls. All rolls are 5000 ft. long. For large savings on orders over 5 rolls click on the request quote button or call our sales team at 1-800-441-5090. View all of our packaging products from our homepage.

Laudry Wrap Price Quote

Product Details:
WP-WLW0624" Laundry Wrap5000'40137 LBS ($90.88)
WP-WLW1324" Laundry Wrap5000'50144 LBS ($107.10)
WP-WLW0230" Laundry Wrap5000'40147 LBS ($107.62)
WP-WLW0730" Laundry Wrap5000'50153 LBS ($138.28)
WP-WLW0832" Laundry Wrap5000'40150 LBS ($118.23)
WP-WLW1132" Laundry Wrap5000'50157 LBS ($148.94)
WP-WLW0334" Laundry Wrap5000'40152 LBS ($129.73)
WP-WLW1434" Laundry Wrap5000'50160 LBS ($157.13)
WP-WLW0436" Laundry Wrap5000'40155 LBS ($136.45)
WP-WLW0936" Laundry Wrap5000'50163 LBS ($164.59)

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