Black Pallet Covers

$158.29 - $182.09
Ships Within: 48 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Rolls

Black pallet covers are designed to help protect and conceal shipments. They conveniently come on a perforated roll for easy dispensing. The black opaque film also helps to protect products from UV rays. These pallet covers are designed for protecting products in outdoor storage. They are a great compliment to a proper stretch wrap to assist in protecting pallet loads. Click on the link to view all of our packaging supplies and machines.



Additional Info
Product Details:
LA-1089051 x 49 x 73 Black Pallet Cover2 Mil55/Roll55 LBS ($158.29)
LA-1091051 x 49 x 73 Black Pallet Cover3 Mil40/Roll59 LBS ($178.50)
LA-1089251 x 49 x 85 Black Pallet Cover2 Mil50/Roll60 LBS ($171.78)
LA-1091251 x 49 x 85 Black Pallet Cover3 Mil35/Roll54 LBS ($181.75)
LA-1089451 x 49 x 97 Black Pallet Cover2 Mil45/Roll57 LBS ($182.09)
LA-1091451 x 49 x 97 Black Pallet Cover3 Mil30/Roll60 LBS ($173.62)