Hand Grade Poly Strapping (8x8 Core)

$33.30 - $80.00

Poly (Polypropylene) strapping is ideal for a variety of strapping uses. This hand poly strapping comes in a 8"x8" core with one coils per carton. Plastic strapping is a choice alternative to nylon and steel strapping.


Poly strapping is economical and efficient. A variety of seal types can be used. Some sizes are available in different colors. Call customer service at 1-800-441-5090 or visit our homepage and chat live to inquire about different colors.


Poly Strapping Price Quote


Product Details:
SKUProductCoils/CaseTensile StrengthColorFinishWeightPriceQty
QS-12-50-661/2"x6600'1500/.028BlackEmbossed30 LBS ($54.27)
QS-12-60-661/2"x6600'1600/.033BlackEmbossed30 LBS ($66.80)
QS-12-45-721/2"x7200'1400/.024BlackEmbossed30 LBS ($50.58)
QS-12-50-721/2"x7200'1500/.028BlackEmbossed30 LBS ($56.88)
QS-12-60-721/2"x7200'1600/.033BlackEmbossed30 LBS ($70.20)
QS-12-45-801/2"x8000'1400/.025BlackEmbossed35 LBS ($67.20)
QS-12-35-871/2"x8700'1300/.022BlackSmooth30 LBS ($63.00)
QS-12-25-901/2"x9000'1200/.018BlackEmbossed30 LBS ($33.30)
QS-12-30-901/2"x9000'1300/.020BlackEmbossed30 LBS ($39.00)
QS-12-40-901/2"x9000'1400/.024BlackEmbossed30 LBS ($50.13)
QS-34-100-453/4"x4500'11000/.045BlackEmbossed30 LBS ($80.00)
QS-58-70-545/8"x5400'1700/.036BlackEmbossed30 LBS ($72.90)