Machine Poly Strapping (8x8 Core)

$55.53 - $69.40

Machine Poly (Polypropylene) strapping is used in a variety of packaging and load stabilization situations. Our machine poly strapping is made to exact specifications from quality raw materials.


All machine poly strapping is packed in one roll cartons with skids ranging from 24-36 rolls per skid. If you have any questions about colors or specifications not listed, call customer service at 1-800-441-5090 or visit the homepage and chat live.


Poly Strapping Price Quote

Product Details:
SKUProductCoils/CaseTensile Strength/ThicknessColorFinishWeightPriceQty
QS-12-50-81/2"x8,200'1500/.028BlackEmbossed40 LBS ($55.53)
QS-12-35-81/2"x9,900'1300/.022BlackEmbossed40 LBS ($55.53)
QS-14-20-81/4"x18,000'1200/.016BlackEmbossed40 LBS ($69.40)
QS-14-14-81/4"x22,000'1145/.011BlackEmbossed40 LBS ($69.20)
QS-12mm12mmx9,900'1300/.020BlackEmbossed40 LBS ($56.92)
QS-38-40-83/8"x11,250'1400/.024BlackEmbossed40 LBS ($62.70)
QS-38-30-83/8"x12,900'1300/.020BlackEmbossed40 LBS ($62.65)
QS-5mm5mmx24,000'1100/.011BlackEmbossed40 LBS ($65.10)
QS-7mm7mmx17,000'1200/.016BlackEmbossed40 LBS ($63.00)
QS-9mm9mmx12,900'1250/.018BlackEmbossed40 LBS ($59.50)