Polyester Strapping (16x6 Core)

$72.30 - $115.75

Polyester banding is an excellent alternative to steel strapping and poly strapping. Polyester strapping is stronger than polypropylene strapping and more affordable than steel strapping. Polyester strapping is weather resistant and much safer than steel strapping.


Our polyester banding comes in skids of 28 rolls per pallet. Rolls can be made in green as well as black. Call customer service at 1-800-441-5090 to request green poly strapping or ask any questions you need answered. Visit our online storefront to view a large selection of other products.


Polyester Strapping Price Quote

Product Details:
SKUProductCoils/CaseTensile StrengthColorThicknessWeightPriceQty
QS-H12-77-61/2"x5800'1700Black0.02650 LBS ($78.60)
QS-H12-82-61/2"x6500'1800Black0.02850 LBS ($96.52)
QS-H12-60-61/2"x7200'1600Black0.0250 LBS ($77.90)
QS-H12-50-61/2"x9000'1500Black0.01550 LBS ($82.45)
QS-H34-190-63/4"x3000'11000Black0.0450 LBS ($115.60)
QS-H38-47-63/8"x9600'1400Black0.02150 LBS ($82.17)
QS-H58-120-65/8"x3600'11000Black0.0350 LBS ($78.40)
QS-H58-140-65/8"x4000'11000Black0.03550 LBS ($95.95)
QS-H58-160-65/8"x4000'11000Black0.0450 LBS ($115.75)
QS-H58-95-65/8"x4400'1900Black0.02550 LBS ($72.30)
QS-H58-75-65/8"x5700'1700Black0.0250 LBS ($78.60)