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Opaque Hand Stretch Film (3" Core)

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$66.77 - $80.22

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Secure wrap opaque stretch film offers UV protection. Along with UV protection, users can conceal contents of shipments, and color code shipments.


Prices are very comparable to clear hand stretch film. Our opaque film comes in white stretch wrap and black stretch wrap. We offer a wide variety of hand stretch film dispensers at great prices to assist you in applying this product. Please refer to our stretch film library for ideal widths, thicknesses, and to learn more about advantages of Secure Wrap opaque hand stretch film.


Product Details:
SKUProductWidthxLengthGaugeRls./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceQty
WP-BLA1515x1500 80 Ga. Black Stretch Wrap15"x1500'8041 Case29 LBS ($66.77)
WP-WHT1515x1500 80 Ga. White Stretch Wrap15"x1500'8041 Case29 LBS ($66.77)
WP-WHT1818x1500 80 Ga. White Stretch Wrap18"x1500'8041 Case35 LBS ($80.22)
WP-BLA1818x1500 80 Ga. Black Stretch Wrap18"x1500'8041 Case35 LBS ($80.22)
WP-HYB2218x1500 63 Ga. Black Stretch Wrap18"x1500'6341 Case32 LBS ($69.46)