Heavy Duty Clear Trash Bags

$36.23 - $58.27

These heavy duty clear linear low density polyethylene trash bags are composed of high quality raw materials to provide superior leak protection. The quality materials enable reliable and consistent quality and maximum visibility.


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Product Details:
IP-CL-SHC-303630x36 Heavy Duty Trash Bags30"x36"22-30 Gallons1.1Mil250/Case19.8 LBS ($48.83)
IP-CL-SHC-333933x39 Heavy Duty Trash Bags33"x39"33 Gallons1.1Mil250/Case23.6 LBS ($58.27)
IP-CL-SHC-385838x58 Heavy Duty Trash Bags38"x58"60 Gallons1.1Mil100/Case16.2 LBS ($39.90)
IP-CL-SHC-404640x46 Heavy Duty Trash Bags40"x46"40-45 Gallons1.1Mil125/Case16.9 LBS ($41.48)
IP-CL-SHC-434743x47 Heavy Duty Trash Bags43"x47"56 Gallons1.1Mil100/Case15.8 LBS ($36.23)

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