Window Insulation Kit


Save on Energy Costs with Window Insulation Kits

* Reduce Air Drafts

* Increase Energy Savings

* Crystal Clear Film

* Easy To Install

* Durable 3M Double Sided Tape Ensures Strong Lasting Hold

* Tape Easily Peels Off Without Leaving a Residue


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Window Kit Instillation Instructions

1. Wipe down outer edge of window where tape will be applied

2. Apply tape to outer edge of window.

3. Remove backing paper from double-sided tape.

4. Unfold pre-cut window film. Start by applying film to the top tape strip.

5. Use fingers to firmly press the film to tape.

7. Using a heat gun or hair dryer begin heating film at window corners and slowly work up the window. If using a hair dryer, use on the highest heat setting and keep the dryer close to the film without touching the film.

8. The finished film should be wrinkle free and tightly stretched across the window.


Removal Instructions

1. Heat tape with hair dryer.

2. Slowly peel away tape and film.