2000BWS Stretch Wrap Machine with Scale

A stretch wrap machine with a scale is an excellent way for companies to increase pallet load efficiency. A built-in scale eliminates the need for weighing a pallet load then placing the pallet on the stretch wrap machine. Our 2000BWS stretch wrap machines offers a built-in scale that will weigh pallets up to 5,000 lbs.

The 2000BWS is our 2000B stretch wrap machine with built-in weight sensors at the bottom of the turntable and scale control panel above the main LCD screen.  See the pictures below. The sensors are not visible on the low profile turntable.

loads sensor for the 2000BWS stretch wrap machine with scale                Stretch wrap machine with scale control panel

Set up for the 2000BWS stretch wrap machine with scale can be easily done with the use of a forklift and a few basic tools. See below.

2000BWS Stretch Wrap Machine with Scale Set Up

Tools Needed

Forklift rated for 3,000+ LBS.

Socket set or wrenches


Tow motor, hoist, or straps for raising the mast


1. Use forklift to place the machine in the desired location

2. Remove lower inspection panel on the mast prior to raising.

3. Use a hoist to raise the mast, be sure wires and connectors are not pinched when the mast is raised.

4. Once the mast is upright someone can stabilize it while another individual can tighten the four base bolts at 30ft/lbs of torque.

5. Install the film carriage onto the mast by tightening the four carriage bolts. Insert connector plugs on the front of the film carriage into matching receptacles.

6. Insert connector plugs at the bottom of mast into corresponding receptacles.

7. Fasten the lower rear panel on the mast back into position.

8. Verify all screws are tight, then turn the power on to a dedicated 110V power line.

Set up for the 2000BWS can be achieved within 30 minutes of delivery. For full detailed instructions with illustrations view page 12 of the online instruction manual.

Once the machine is leveled, users can zero out the scale by simply turning on the scale control panel and pressing theScale Control Panel Close up zero button with nothing on the stretch wrapper. This is recommended every morning or each time the film roll is changed out. Zeroing the scale out when the film is replaced with include the new film weight into the read out.

If you have any questions about the 2000BWS stretch wrap machine with a scale feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090. These stretch wrap machines are in stock and can typically ship within 4-5 days of a completed order.