Stretch Wrap Machine Safety Guidelines

Stretch Wrap Machine

Safety Guidelines


Installation & Maintenance

Safety Guidelines

* Do not install stretch wrap machine on soft ground.

* Install machine on level surface

* Machine should be far from smoke, dust, and preferably in a dry, well-ventilated area.

* Normal environment temperature should be within 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit.

* Machines should not be placed under direct lighting as it may cause the photo eye to malfunction..

* Do Not push, drag, or slide the stretch wrap machine

* To Transport machine use forklift extensions in excess of 4 ft. long rated for 3,000 lbs.Improper machine transportation

* Do not transport machine from the turntable when mast is lowered.Proper Stretch Wrap Machine Transport

* Transport machine from mast end when the mast is lowered.

* Do not plug into an extension cord.

* Only qualified technicians should High Voltage Warningchange or test wiring and electrical components.

* Before servicing always power down and unplug the machine from the power source.

Safety Guidelines During Operation

* The operator must stand in front of the Stretch Wrap Machine Turntable Directionoperating screen, away from the turntable.

* Operators must ensure other devices such as forklifts, and pallet jacks are free from turntable rotation.

* Before loading film into film carriage, be sure power to the machine is turned off.

* Place all items being wrapped in the center of the turntable.

* Do not touch the turntable while the machine is in operation.

* In an emergency, press the emergency stop button.

* Turn off the stretch wrap machine when finished.Don't Step on Machine Turntable while power is on!

* Use caution when stepping on or walking off the turntable. Only step on turntable when power is off.

* Clean machine once a day.

* Keep machine and surrounding area clean, clear, and free of debris.

* These are general safety guidelines to be used for a variety of stretch wrap machines. U.S. Packaging & Wrapping strongly recommends referring to machine operating manuals for detailed safety information.