Clear Polyethylene Sheeting

$19.09 - $129.85
Ships Within: 48 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Rolls

Clear polyethylene sheeting comes on rolls up to 200 ft. in length. This plastic sheeting is commonly used as a vapor barrier, a drop cloth, or to cover and protect a variety of items.


All rolls come on a 3” core, and up to a 6 mil thickness. Our clear sheeting comes with a milky transparency that is easy to see through. All sheeting comes folded in half on the roll.


All orders over 5 rolls come with quantity based pricing that offers great discounts from website prices. We can have custom sizes made with a minimum order required. Call our sales department to inquire about this product or any other packaging products we offer.

Additional Info
Product Details:
SKUProductCore SizeThicknessWeightPriceQty
LA-4405G3'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"4 Mil8 LBS ($19.09)
LA-4450G3'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"6 Mil9 LBS ($26.95)
LA-4410G4'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"4 Mil9 LBS ($23.51)
LA-4452G4'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"6 Mil12 LBS ($33.05)
LA-4415G6'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"4 Mil12 LBS ($32.57)
LA-4455G6'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"6 Mil19 LBS ($48.68)
LA-4420G8'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"4 Mil15 LBS ($41.60)
LA-4460G8'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"6 MIl26 LBS ($62.70)
LA-4425G10'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"4 Mil19 LBS ($52.45)
LA-4465G10'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"6 Mil30 LBS ($77.71)
LA-4390G12'x200' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"2 Mil22 LBS ($62.75)
LA-4430G12'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"4 Mil25 LBS ($57.40)
LA-4440G16'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"4 Mil30 LBS ($74.20)
LA-4480G16'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"6 Mil45 LBS ($108.40)
LA-4395G16'x200' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"2 Mil28 LBS ($75.60)
LA-4445G20'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"4 Mil36 LBS ($90.25)
LA-4485G20'x100' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"6 Mil56 LBS ($129.85)
LA-4380G50"x200' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"2 Mil9 LBS ($22.30)
LA-4385G100"x200' Clear Polyethylene Sheeting3"2 Mil16 LBS ($42.15)

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