Conductive Bags

$17.20 - $283.15

Conductive bags are a preferred packaging method for protecting static sensitive products from electrostatic discharge and UV light. Bags are available in a 4 MIL thickness in widths from 3 to 24 inches wide. All conductive bags are completely opaque to conceal contents. Bags can be easily sealed to completely enclose products.


All conductive bags meet the military specifications below.


MIL-P-82646- Good corrosion resistance, unaffected by age and humidity. Protection against UV light and low moisture permeability.

Product Details:
LD-65003x5 Conductive Bags3"x5"4 MIL1001 LBS ($17.20)
LD-65054X6 Conductive Bags4"X6"4 MIL1001 LBS ($20.35)
LD-65105X8 Conductive Bags5"X8"4 MIL1001 LBS ($21.60)
LD-65206X10 Conductive Bags6"X10"4 MIL1002 LBS ($28.18)
LD-65308X10 Conductive Bags8"X10"4 MIL1002 LBS ($36.15)
LD-65358X12 Conductive Bags8"X12"4 MIL1003 LBS ($40.26)
LD-654010X12 Conductive Bags10"X12"4 MIL1004 LBS ($49.90)
LD-654510X14 Conductive Bags10"X14"4 MIL1004 LBS ($50.85)
LD-655012X16 Conductive Bags12"X16"4 MIL1006 LBS ($74.46)
LD-655512X18 Conductive Bags12"X18"4 MIL1006 LBS ($81.88)
LD-656014X18 Conductive Bags14"X18"4 MIL1007 LBS ($94.53)
LD-656516X20 Conductive Bags16"X20"4 MIL1009 LBS ($116.28)
LD-657018X24 Conductive Bags18"X24"4 MIL10012 LBS ($139.95)
LD-658020X30 Conductive Bags20"X30"4 MIL10017 LBS ($204.20)
LD-659024X36 Conductive Bags24"X36"4 MIL10024 LBS ($283.15)

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