LiteWrapper Coreless Film Dispenser Starter Kit

Was: $350.00
Now: $300.00

The LiteWrapper coreless starter kit includes one coreless LiteWrapper dispenser and 13 rolls of pre-stretched film. The coreless litewrapper reduces film waste and additional shipping charges due to core weight. See the benefits below:


*1 Coreless Dispenser

*13 Rolls of 18"x1000'x70 ga. Pre-stretched film

*Reduces worker fatigue

*Reduces film cost

*Reduces film waste


The Litewrapper coreless dispenser only works with LiteWrapper coreless refill rolls. We recommend the litewrapper coreless dispenser for anyone wrapping pallet loads of boxes up to 500-700 LBS. The lightWrapper coreless film is not recommended for anyone wrapping pallet loads with sharp and jagged edges. Visit our hand stretch film section to choose the right stretch film for heavier loads with sharp edges.

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